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Use Some Common Cents And Your Dollars Will Look After Themselves

Money, everyone wants it but most people have no idea what to do with it except to spend it but is “spending” the point of money or is it something more?

Money is a tool, something to be used to achieve a goal, just like a hammer is the tool of choice when the goal is hammering a nail but you will need money (or something of value besides money but that is for another blog). For example, your goal is to nail together two pieces of wood; what do you do? Viciously assault some nails with a $20 note?! No, of course not, you buy a hammer, which for arguments sake costs $20, and then use that hammer to bang away at those nails, resulting in the achievement of your ultimate goal.

Now lets have a closer look at this hammer situation. We know what the goal is, we have the materials required except for the hammer and we know we can buy the hammer for $20 but is this best use of the $20 we have to achieve our ultimate goal? What other options are there have available to us? Is there someone you know with a hammer that is prepared to hire out their hammer to you, for say $5, alternately are they willing to do the job for you for $7.50, or is there even a possibility that you have a different tool or skill that you can exchange with them to do the job?

Assume that you have all these options available to you, now you have to consider the long term implications of your immediate hammer crisis! Is this likely to be the only time you will need a hammer? Could you become the person that has a hammer for hire in town thus making more money for an investment of $20. Maybe you need to use a hammer on a regular basis but its not the best use of your time or you just don’t like using hammers, therefore it would be better to hire someone with a hammer when the need arises.

Once you have thought all these different options through then you can decide how best to use the $20, not spend, spending is too limited, but use the money. And you thought you were just going to buy a hammer …

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