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Who Are We?

Recently I looked into making a video for promotional purposes, Youtube, Facebook and the like and I was asked “what makes you different, what makes you, well, you?” The obvious answers sprang to mind; “we are a Team of individuals working together yada yada yada” and “we are a professional company offering professional services etc” and the all time classic “we promise we are elite at what we do, and so forth”. However, when I gave it deeper consideration I realised the answer is so much deeper than that.

Paper PhotoWe do strive to be all these things but we are more, I and my Team are more than mere cliches. So how do I describe something, that in my mind and heart, seems so simple, so straightforward? To know who Cleaning Excellence are we first need to know what we do, so what do we do? If you answered cleaning you would only be partly correct, we do much more than that. We are time givers, we give you time you would have spent cleaning back so that you can use it wisely, with family and friends, let face it why would you want to scrub your toilet while everyone else was outside enjoying a BBQ?! We also give piece of mind; when we clean for you, whether in your house or business, it is one less thing you have to worry about. And we offer you professionalism, which is my favourite.

Everything we do is deliberate from the uniforms we wear, to our equipment or the way we send out invoices. We study how to deliver our services in the best possible way, we routinely investigate our processes to see if they’re adding value to our clients or making life more complicated. I believe, and have stated publicly before, that running a successful cleaning company is 70% running a successful business and 30% cleaning. What do I mean by this; I mean that anyone can scrub a toilet but delivering a complete service which encompasses areas such as admin, billing, how we monitor the work the Team is doing, the quoting process, the equipment we use, how we handle complaints, the security we offer from having the key to your property to keeping your valuables safe, the way we look and dress, the fact we show up when we say we will show up and handling special requests is something that only a few can do.

So who are we? We are a bunch of people committed to being the best we can be, not perfect, but excellent …

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