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I love you!

I love what I do, well most of the time. It’s not really work if you love what you’re doing. It’s because I love what I do that I can do it, sometimes 80+ hours a week. It’s more than a job, it’s a lifestyle and I’m passionate about it Moreover the more I learn the deeper in love I fall with it. I think this is one of the keys to a successful life, finding out what excites and motivates you, then make a career out of it. It’s all about personality fit, knowing yourself well enough to find out what you love to do, then chasing it with all your might.

Of course, all things in moderation as the saying goes. No matter whom you are, or what you do you will have important people in your life that you must spend quality time with if you truly want to be happy.  You must love them too because what use would it be to create the largest bank account in the world if you have no one with which to enjoy it? This is something that needs much improvement in my life.

So I say love your job but love people a little more!

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