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Warts and all!

I have had reason over the last few days to take stock about who I am as a person. Do I like what I see in the mirror, not on a superficial “am I pretty enough” level, but do I have the character of a person that I can be proud of? Can I sleep at night comfortable in the knowledge that I am the best, most genuine me I can be, doing whatever is necessary to be a better version of myself tomorrow? I think the short answer a resounding yes! However, the longer answer is what I really want to explore.

I’m arrogant, aggressive, intimidating, unreasonable, loud, obnoxious and irritable. I’m also loyal, strong, loving, committed, a steadfast defender and possessing the strong need to help people. I have made it my mission to improve the good qualities, eliminate the bad and develop the wisdom to know the difference. I am most definitely a work in progress. I might even suggest that I’m in a very raw state still. The desire for me to be the best I can be is complex and strong, bringing me on occasion to a place that is uncomfortable and challenging.

Don't be a faceless person, be real!

The best quality I have is being genuine, what you see is what you get, warts and all. No pretence. Whether you like me or not, agree with me or not, you will not wonder about my agenda or if I’m playing one side off against the other. Genuineness is the characteristic that I prize in people the most. My two best, only true friends are genuine (I won’t name them as I haven’t asked for permission but they know who they are) . I don’t always like and agree with decisions or actions they take but I know they mean what they say, they’re genuine. They challenge and push me, take me outside my comfort zone but I’m also love and supported by them, even when they disagree with me. I am truly blessed to have these two amazing friends in my life! I only hope I behave in a manner that deserves their friendship.

 Of course you shouldn’t tell all your deepest, darkest secrets to anyone that crosses your path. They probably don’t want to know anyway. Just give them the respect to be true to yourself, without pretending to be something or someone you’re not. Don’t confuse being genuine with trust. You can be genuine at any stage of a relationship; it’s just being honest about your beliefs, about what you agree and disagree with. Trust is letting a person deep inside, sharing your life at the most intimate of levels and should not be given lightly by either party.

Remember charisma without character is a catastrophe.

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