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You are not Superman!


I was notorious for trying to do it all myself when I was younger! I grew up; I wouldn’t say I was raised this way, believing the adage that if you want it done properly do it yourself. This lifestyle choice was very much in action when I first bought into Island View Takeaway back in 2008 and it served me, well, umm … dreadfully!

Too many people approach life and business thinking they can do it all.

Since then I have done an about face concerning this way of thinking with, in my humble opinion, great success. The first step in the process of removing your head from your bum is to realise that you don’t have all the skills necessary or the time to learn them. You have to swallow your pride, apologise to whoever you insulted by your arrogance and start looking for people that can help you and when you find them actually ask for their help. Interestingly it’s amazing just how many people are willing to help. People want to feel like they matter and their advice can and will make a difference so asking will result in you getting the help you need, when you need it.

I have the best Team in town. I really do and partly that’s due to my new skill of delegating with trust and I think the trust factor is vital. Anyone can ask someone to do something, but it is entirely a different thing to then step away, backing them and, if necessary, let them fail. Why let them fail? Because for those you have delegated to, learning to be the best sometimes requires failure, so that failure can be a guide in the future. Of course that doesn’t mean you don’t train, mentor or even intervene, stopping your Team if they are going to cause unacceptable damage. It’s just plain foolish to delegate without appropriate training, but you have to allow them room to move, including moving the wrong way sometimes!

To be truly successful in any endeavour you have to know both your strengths and weaknesses, working to them. For me this means knowing that I can dream big dreams, very big dreams. I can set out a vision and a mission statement. I can formulate marketing plans and customer service standards. It also means knowing that I am not a details person; I miss the little things and get easily distracted by the next thought that pops into my head. I call this the ‘oo shiny syndrome’ of which I am most assuredly a sufferer. So I have to delegate such tasks as payroll, roster, finances, general admin, you know the day to day stuff of life and business to someone else whose skills are suited to those things. Luckily for me, as I have said and will repeat ad nauseam, I have the best Team in town and so they are getting taken care of.

Don’t be fooled by your own hype! You can’t do it all, nor should you even want to try. Learn, if you’re not already, to be comfortable with your strengths and weaknesses and more important to be brutally honest with yourself as to what they are. If you can do this you will enjoy life more and with far fewer headaches and upsets along the way.

Remember if you’re not having fun then what’s the point!

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  1. Manda
    May 28, 2011 at 7:17 am

    That is amazingly accurate, Scott! If only my school’s P&C could read this, they might learn something! I look forward to reading more articles from you.

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